The Varga Foundation exists to combat specific types of violence that plague our communities, destroy lives, and weaken the fabric of our society. We know based on our experience that certain types of violence are predictable and preventable.

The Varga Foundation focuses on the PREVENTION OF VIOLENCE associated with following:

1 | Targeted Violence
2 | Human Trafficking
3 | High Risk Business Activity
4 | Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)


  1. To prevent violence
  2. To provide for the safety, security, and well being of victims
  3. To support those who serve in the fight against violence: our police, fire, and military personnel

We seek to accomplish these goals by:

  • Providing operational funding to governmental organizations that specialize in the response to, investigation of, and prosecution of criminal activity associated with preventable violence;
  • Providing funding to police, fire, and military support organizations;
  • Providing Law Enforcement only training and consulting;
  • Providing operational funding to non-governmental organizations specializing in victim support services;
  • Providing support and funding to mission related start ups and business;
  • Providing public outreach, education, and training campaigns to increase awareness of crimes associated with our areas of focus;
  • Providing active shooter and mass casualty incident response training;
  • Providing threat assessment and management services;
  • Creating tailored violence reduction strategies;
  • Providing best practices for safety and security management of High Risk Business Activities.

Partner With Us

All of our funds are raised either through the provision of training and consultation services or our partner organizations.

The Varga Foundation is available to partner with your Charitable, Civic, or Social organization to raise awareness and funds for issues surrounding preventable violence and the support of our first responders and military personnel.

We have partnered with many public and private organizations in order to foster a more safe and secure world through the prevention of violence. Some of our partner organization include:

Please contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities, to host an event, or for consulting services. What’s predictable, is preventable.