Our Initiatives

In order to affect the positive change we wish to see, the Varga Foundation engages in the following activities:


The Varga Foundation provides funding to governmental organizations that specialize in the response to, investigation of, and prosecution of, criminal activity associated with preventable violence. We provide money to law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies to be used for the specific purposes of combating human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation of children, and preventing targeted violence. Donated funds can be used to purchase equipment and to pay for operational expenses.

We provide funding to non-governmental entities that specialize in support services for victims of preventable violence. The Varga Foundation donates money to social support and charitable organizations that specialize in the provision of services for victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and other acts of targeted violence. Generally, these organizations provide emergency housing, sustenance, and recovery support to violence survivors. Additional funding is provided to organizations that provide health and wellness services, education, and training.

The Varga Foundation provides operational support, funding, and micro investments to mission related startups and businesses.

The Varga Foundation is extremely proud to provide funding to organizations which support the needs of first responders, military personnel, and their families.


Let’s discuss Strategies & Options:


The Varga Foundation provides training and educational presentations on topics associated with Targeted Violence (such as Surviving an Active Shooter Incident), Human Trafficking, and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. Training is available to all interested parties – businesses, trade organizations, public sector entities, social service organizations, non-profits, civic organization, meet-ups, etc. Training topics include:

  • Surviving an Active Shooter Incident (View News Report on Michael Varga Training)
  • Threat Assessment for Front Line Corporate Personnel
  • Personal Safety and Security Best Practices
  • Indicators of Human Trafficking
  • The Commercial Sex Trade
  • Violence Against Women
  • Interpersonal Violence Prevention
  • Pre-Incident Indicators in School Shootings
  • Threat Assessment in Our Daily Lives – The Power of Intuition
  • Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Threat Management Best Practices
  • See Something, Say Something
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY TRAINING (Contact us for details).

Training and presentations are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. All presentations are customized to address your areas of concern and interest. Training blocks vary from one to three hours.


As part of our violence prevention work, we are available to provide consultation services for your organization in the following areas:

  1. Threat Assessment and Threat Management
  2. Critical Incident Management
  3. Safety and Security Planning
  4. Active Shooter Response Planning and Training
  5. LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY CONSULTATIONS (Contact us for details.)

We are also available for High Risk Business Activity consultation. We specialize in industry best practices, safety and security planning, regulatory oversight, and compliance verification. Fees associated with consultation and training services vary by project.

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