The true measure of society can be be found in how it treats its MOST VULNERABLE MEMBERS.

Michael C. Varga

Michael immigrated to the United States as a child from Eastern Europe. He grew up in Los Angeles and studied at the University of Southern California, graduating with a degree in International Relations. Michael conducted graduate study in the field of National Security Studies at California State University – San Bernardino.

Following his studies, Michael joined the firm of Gavin de Becker, the internationally recognized expert in the prediction and prevention of violence. Michael worked as a threat management expert investigating hundreds of cases involving public figure stalking, interpersonal violence, workplace violence, school violence, and threats to multinational corporations.

Michael served in the United States Army as an Airborne Infantry Specialist and later as a Special Agent in Counterintelligence. Following 9-11 he was deployed to the Balkan theater as part of an international task force focused on the capture of war crimes fugitives and the provision of force protection to regional military forces. While deployed overseas, Michael managed undercover intelligence gathering operations and sensitive counter-intelligence and transnational terrorism investigations.

For the last 18 years, Michael has served in municipal law enforcement in San Diego County, California. He has investigated violent crimes associated with homicide, kidnapping, robbery, cross border violence, human trafficking and commercial child sexual exploitation. Today, Michael supervises a dedicated group of detectives focused on criminal intelligence, organized crime, extremist activity, and human trafficking. Michael is a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team Leader and a lead law enforcement instructor on Active Shooter Response. (See Michael’s interview on surviving an active shooter incident HERE.) Michael has extensive experience with the regulation, oversight, and safety and security planning for high risk (police regulated) business entities.

When not working in law enforcement or engaged in work on behalf of the foundation, Michael enjoys time with friends and family (pictured above with his daughter, Chloe), and practicing the crafts of oenology and viticulture on his vineyard in Oregon.

Q & A with Michael Varga

Q:  Of all the charitable causes to champion, why work with violence?

A:  For better or worse, violence is what I know.  Violence is what I understand. This understanding has given me the firm conviction that much of the violence we witness can be prevented.  Much of the suffering that occurs as a result of violence can be prevented.  I can think of no better cause than the prevention of suffering in an other human being.

Q:  Out of every dollar generated by the Foundation, how much actually gets distributed to violence prevention programs, first responder and military support, training, and victim’s services?

A:  100%.  All of the proceeds generated by the Foundation are allocated to violence prevention funding, training, education, victim services, and first responder & military support.  We never solicit for donations.  All of our revenue is self generated through our services.

Q:  Is the Varga Foundation a traditional charity (501c)?

A:  No.  We are structured as a Social Enterprise, similar to a California Benefits Corporation or otherwise known as a Social Purpose Corporation.  We function as a for-profit entity. This structure allows me to have more control over the direction of the Foundation and allows us to open a wider variety of revenue streams. Learn More »